Developing Youth Through the Arts

伯克利城市音乐 enables youth from underserved communities to develop musically, 在学业上, 社会, 和情感上, primarily through the study of contemporary music and the performing arts.

Founded 30 years ago by 伯克利 College of Music, the organization reaches more than 60,000 students annually through a variety of programs and initiatives including the 伯克利城市音乐 Network, 伯克利城市音乐 Boston, and the 创新 online 伯克利 脉冲 Music Method. By using culturally relevant music as a vehicle for holistic youth development, City Music helps young people flourish as students, 音乐家, 表演艺术家, and—perhaps most importantly—confident and well-rounded individuals ready to shape the world.

Three high school-aged horn players stand on the 伯克利 Performance Stage - from left to right, a young man holds a tenor saxophone, another young man holds a trumpet, and a young woman holds a trombone.


一个失学, student-centered organization serving Boston-based students in grades four–12 through programming and scholarships

Two young women - one brunette and one blonde, face each other with microphones in their hands on the 伯克利 Performance Center stage. A guitarist with long dark hair stands in the middle of them.


A consortium of community organizations committed to the City Music mission throughout the United States, 加拿大, 和拉丁美洲

伯克利 脉冲 is an online music education portal that provides resources for teachers and students to study, 果酱, and practice with interactive modules.

The 伯克利-designed curriculum helps students learn instrumental technique, 音乐理论, 乐团演奏, 历史背景, and more through video lessons with world-renowned 音乐家 and professionally trained instructors. 城市音乐波士顿's High School and Preparatory academies are moving to the 脉冲 platform soon. 


Teaching Popular Music in the Classroom

Introducing City Music's massive open online course (MOOC), Teaching Popular Music in the Classroom. Built with 伯克利在线, this course features an all-star ensemble of our City Music students and explores approaches to teaching popular music from culturally rich communities in the U.S.

  • 60K students engage in 城市音乐网 programming each year
  • 2,300 students in 城市音乐波士顿's academic-year program
  • $24M in scholarships awarded to students since 1995

Supporting 伯克利城市音乐

Your support allows 伯克利城市音乐 students to pursue their dreams.


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This project is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.