Post a Job, Gig, or Internship

伯克利 students and alumni are resourceful, 有创意的, and dependable.

Find your next intern, full-time staff member, live musician or ensemble, or anything in between. 你也可以发布 auditions, grants, and competitions. 

关于 the 伯克利 Career Manager

  • your name and contact information will only be viewable to 伯克利 职业中心 staff, unless otherwise specified.
  • we thoroughly screen all postings to ensure compliance with 伯克利’s recruiting policies and guidelines and relevancy to the 有创意的 industries. 
  • you can have each applicant reach out to you directly or have résumés and other materials collected within the 伯克利 Career Manager.

The 伯克利 Career Manager provides you with full access to our services, which allows you to: 

伯克利 Career Manager

  • post employment opportunities for students and alumni;
  • receive system reminders as your opportunities are close to expiration;
  • collect résumés and other application materials through the system;
  • publicize your organization and its work to our community;
  • register for career fairs and other recruiting events; and
  • receive occasional communication from the 职业中心 regarding upcoming events, 公告, 和更多的.  

Watch this video to learn more about how the 伯克利 Career Manager works:

需要帮助? 发送电子邮件至 careercenter@伯克利.edu, and our staff will assist you in getting your opportunity posted on the 伯克利 Career Manager.

Note: employers must verify that international students have valid work authorization for the duration of their employment.